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Thinking outside the box

We think it is fantastic to develop our own ideas into projects and also to find new aspects for the commissions we receive. Variation, commitment and unconventional thinking make it stimulating to work at Melica, a member-owned consultancy firm  that started in 1987 with its roots in the environmental movement. If you want to run your project without starting out on your own, the cooperative-framework of Melica is an excellent business alternative – here you will find both office facilities and work colleagues.
We call ourselves green consultants because sustainability permeates all of our activities. Working with and sharing this perspective is more than an idea – it’s our mission.
Melica, an environmentally certified company!

What’s in a name? The word Melica is Latin for a beautiful type of wild grass – a plant that grows in beech forests in Sweden.

A green cooperative

Thirten green consultants who operate within a broad interdisciplary field including nature, environmental science, tourism, rural development, urban and built environments, society and culture. As experts we can investigate, give advice and be active participants in implementation. Our assignments often result in some form of communication output.
Breadth of expertise, interdisciplinary science and a good portion of curiosity make us a strong green partner for your project.

Our focus areas

Nature conservation

Determining acidification status and whether fish stock or salamanders have been influenced by a new road route. Investigating the effect of a wind power station on groundwater and streams, and whether there are sensitive birds of prey in the area.Two examples where Melicas experts invenstigate, report the facts and draw conclusions.

Community development

A lively and diverse city, the Million Programme’s necessary restoration, possibilities for Personal Rapid Transit or limiting methane emission from landfill. Melica have the knowledge and experience to come up with detailed proposals and become strong participants in the debate.

Design, text and image

We work with various forms of communication in all our areas of expertise. From analysis to implementation, we popularize and explain complex concepts and know the importance of user-centric and educational production. Imagination and thoughtful graphic design, illustration, photography and text are combined to ensure that the message is clear. Creativity and competence are the basis of this, whether it’s a website, a video or printed information.

Sustainable tourism

Strategies for the development and marketing of a living countryside. The experience and strength of the village community, a local theatre or even the big fish – Melica is present and knows where the resources are.

Nutrient cycling

We have long-standing expertise in Melica and together with the customer we investigate, plan and produce the solution that best suits the customer’s situation. In addition, we conduct world-leading research and product development of crystallization and mineral adsorption of nutrients from toilet effluent, liquid manure and sewage slurry in cooperation with innovation companies. Our attitude is that nutrients from waste should, to the greatest extent possible, be returned to agriculture or made useful in another way. We would also like to see that purification does not cause health or environmental impacts and also meets emission requirements. Which cleaning technology we recommend is based on the site’s potential and limitations, not on the suppliers of equipment.

Advice and training

Meeting participants on-site and using the right method to deepen your democratic process. Environmental education that increases your company’s skills and enhances employee engagement. Contributing technical knowledge for an ecological construction project.
A complete course, occasional lectures or advice throughout the entire project process – the possibilities are many, contact us!


Specific services we can offer.
If you can’t find what you are looking for on this extensive list – contact us! A combination of several of our different services or consultants could be just what you need.

• Aquatic biological inventory

• Book production and design

• Brochures and guides

• Building consultancy

• Building heritage inventory

• Citizen dialogue

• City and nature guiding

• City walking tours

• Community development

• Copywriting

• Cultural environment consultancy

• Cultural environment inventory

• Design, text and image

• Environmental certification (Miljödiplomering)

• Environmental evaluations and assessments

• Environmental Impact Assessments

• Environmental investigations

• Environmental Managament Systems

• Environmental monitoring

• Environmental training – non-current

• EU project applications

• Exhibitions

• Film and video

• Fish surveys (electro- and netfishing)

• Fishing tourism

• Focus groups in community planning

• Historical building preservation

• Hydrological invenstigations

• Illustration

• Imagery

• Landfill

• Layout design

• Maps

• Nature restoration

• Nature values assessment

• Nutrient cycling

• Nutrient investigations

• Project management

• Project planning

• Research and innovation

• Rural development

• Surface water investigation

• Sustainability

• Sustainable and ecotourism

• Training courses and guidance

• Urban studies

• Water and sewage plans

• Water chemistry and microbiological sampling (training course)

• Web pages

• Wetland design

We are ten green consultants

Calle Bergil

One of the founding members of Melica in 1987.Calle is a conservation biologist, author and investigator who believes in our capacity to combine the building of a good life for people with the protection of a rich and diverse nature. Works gladly in the early stages of community development projects to achieve the best effect. Has long-term experience with nature conservation and management plans, nature inventories and problem solving.
Stefan Bydén

One of the founding members of Melica in 1987. Stefan i an environmental scientist working with hydrology, local authority water planning, surface water purification and environmental impact assessment. He is an editor and author and has designed the layout of several educational books. He is also responsible for Melica’s website and among other things, information technology.
Zsofia Ganrot

Zsofia Ganrot has a PhD in applied environmental science with specialisation in sustainable domestic wastewater management. She is working with ecological sanitation and nutrient recovery from wastewater and animal manure for reuse in agriculture. She is expert in struvite precipitation, nutrient adsorption to minerals and partial freezing. She has a 15 year long experience in teaching and supervising at university level.

Einar Hansson

One of the founding members of Melica in 1987. Einar is an architect, author and city guide whose work focuses on community engagement, urban regeneration processes and environmental education in the form of tours, maps, books, focus groups and inspiration days etc.
Christer Lundenius

Christer is a landscape architect with a passion for permaculture and urban gardening. His experience includes the design and installation of edible, beautiful and functional gardens: residential gardens, green roofs/walls and green city spaces that consider both nature and ourselves. He works with sustainability and project planning including technical drawing of plans using CAD.
Anders Martinsson

Anders is a biologist specialising in fish resources. His work involves hydrological investigations, biotope surveys and GIS-mapping.

Sassi Wemmer

Sassi is an environmental scientist working with physical, environmental and water resource planning, sustainable and rural development, eco-tourism, local and regional development processes, project management, developing international contacts and EU issues. For example he is project and marketing manager and contact person for the trans-national Leader Plus project ”Marknadsplats 7-Härad” in western Sweden. He is also an interpreter, guide and translator for our German speaking clients.

Teresia Wengström


Therese Alfsdotter


Ivar Sander



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Calle Bergil +46 (0)31 85 71 04, mob +46(0)727 07 31 07

Stefan Bydén +46 (0)31 85 71 02, mob. +46 (0)706 72 20 80

Zsófia Ganrot +46 (0)31 85 71 06, mob. +46 (0)708 63 92 53

Thomaz Grahl +46 (0)31 85 71 03, mob. +46 (0)730 42 70 78

Einar Hansson +46 (0)31 85 71 01, mob. +46 (0)706 47 85 02

Christer Lundenius mob. +46 (0)709 62 05 71

Anders Martinsson mob. +46 (0)701 20 21 62

Sassi Wemmer mob. +46 (0)702 16 72 18